Winter Newsletter


Winter Newsletter

December 9, 2014

Winter is here!  Please listen to any message sent by the Connect Ed system.  It would greatly reduce the number of phone calls that the office receives asking what the message was. If you are not receiving the Connect Ed messages, please let us know.

Many students are arriving to school without coats or any second layer.  This is a safety issue.  If a bus had any mechanical issues or we had a school emergency, students would not be prepared to be outside. Please encourage your child to dress for the weather.

Students should not arrive to school before 7:30, unless they have made arrangements with a teacher.  In the event of a delayed opening, they should not arrive until 15 minutes prior to the start of school. Delays can change to closings.

Please check out our Nissitissit School Blog.  It has great information about what is going on here at NMS and in the community.

As a school, we have begun to explore ways to increase our STEM focus.  This week, students will take part in the Hour of Code.  Every student will spend one hour in the computer lab learning about coding and undertake some fun coding challenges.  There is more information on the blog.

As many of you know, Mrs. Wilson will be leaving us in February.   She will be missed in so many ways. The musicals and choral concerts are just some of the many contributions she made to our school community. Her ability to connect with her students and develop an appreciation for music and performance was wonderful.  A teacher who can instill confidence at that level in a middle school age child is remarkable.  Ms. Ramsey will direct our performance piece again this year. We are still deciding if it will be a play or a musical.  More information to come.

Important Dates:

December 10: Scholars Brunch

December 10: Grade 8 Math Night, 6pm-8pm

December 12: Progress Reports

December 12: Select Chorus (6-8) perform at Senior Center, 9am-11am

December 17: Grade 7 Field trip to A Christmas Carol production

December 18: Grade 6-8 Choral Concert @ 6:30 pm

December 24 – Jan 2: Holiday Vacation

January 14:  Program of Studies Night at High School 6pm-8pm


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