The Hour of Code comes to NMS!

This week is Computer Science Education week and last year was the first year running the hour of code where students around the world were exposed to coding for an hour during this week. It was put on by and they expected to get 10 million participants and ended up getting 15 million. This year, their goal is to get 100 million students coding for an hour.

Every students at NMS is taking part in the hour of code this week, they will be coming to the computer lab or the library and learning about coding and undertaking some fun coding challenges that teach the basic concepts of coding. All students are encouraged to continue learning how to program, as it is a life skill that is invaluable in the digital age.

 Hour of Code 2014 @ NMS!

All students will take part in the 2014 Hour of Code and learn the basics of programming by playing a challenging puzzle game called codemonkey.

Students will click the codemonkey link here

They will try to finish each level.

If you need help, try one of Mr. Worth’s video walk-throughs:

 5th Grade: Angry Birds Game

5th Grade Hour of Code

When you finish:

More coding excercises

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