A Visit from NMRHS


On Wednesday, North Middlesex Regional High School Principal, Isaac Taylor visited NMS to speak with our eighth grade class about the transition to high school. Mr. Taylor was accompanied by Laurie Smith, Guidance Director, two freshmen and two seniors.

During the visit, Mr. Taylor explained to students that there are many opportunities that await them at NM, including a new building! He also expressed that transitioning to high school can be stressful and that he and his team hope to relieve the anxiety.  Mrs. Smith briefly reviewed process for course selection that will begin in January with the new and improved Program of Studies.

photo(58)The student speakers were genuine and relayed their personal experiences at NM. For example, Paige, a freshman, told students that a year ago she sat in the same auditorium and was petrified to go to high school. Now, she looks back and realizes that she had nothing to be worried about. Another freshman, Alex, talked about his involvement in the incredible music program offered at NM.

Both seniors had many words of advice to offer. They encouraged students to get involved by joining a club, team, or activity. Samantha shared that she wasn’t interested in any of the existing clubs, so she started her own! She also raved about Bridges Summer Academy, which she attended the summer after eighth grade and the great opportunities in the Service Learning Program.  Chris spoke of his interactions with staff members at NM. He shared that his teachers are interested in him as a whole person, not just a student and that they show this by asking him about cross country meets and college applications.

This meeting was just the beginning of the transition process. There will be more to come. The next event will be the Program of Studies night in late January. Stay tuned!




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