Success Assemblies

Last week our students celebrated their successes during our grade level CLICK/GREAT Assemblies.  Students cheered for each other as they were called up on the stage to receive their awards. This is one time that we encourage students to make as much noise as they can!

photo (46)High Honor and Honor Roll certificates were distributed. These students were also given a special invitation to get a free ticket to a Celtics game (as long as one ticket is purchased)! What a great reward for their hard work! High honors students will attend the Scholar’s Brunch next week.

Students also received CLICK Cards. CLICK refers to our core values: Courage, Leadership, Integrity, Curiosity, and Kindness. These cards are individualized and hand written by teachers to acknowledge our students when they go above and beyond in exhibiting our core values.


photo (47)New this year are GREAT Cards! GREAT stands for Growth or Grit, Resilience, Effort, Attitude, and Try, try, again! GREAT Cards are one way we are reinforcing the Growth Mindset at NMS. During our assembly, students also watched a short, motivating video about grit.

Another new initiative this year is the 100 Mile Club.  The goal of this club is for students and staff to walk or run 100 miles by the end of June.  During the assembly, student and staff who have reached the 25 mile mark were awarded their bright orange t-shirt! Yeah!

20141126_100840 (1)
Grade 7 members of the 100 Mile Club wearing their new t-shirts! Thank you to Coach Stanton!

Good Citizenship Awards were also given to recognize students who model our core values in all areas of our school.

We look forward to another Success Assembly at the end of January. Congratulations students!


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  1. Congratulations to all the students! I love how the teachers and administration make a point to recognize the good that the students are doing.
    Love the orange t shirts! Keep it up 100 mile club.


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