Nutrition Unit

In Mrs. Larochelle’s 6th grade health class, students are starting a nutrition unit with a technology component.  Incorporating technology into the health curriculum makes the information more appealing to teenagers. During health class, each student is going to sign up for Students will use this site to collect and track their personal data for both physical activity and nutrition. This is a government website that is sponsored by the USDA.

IMG_7188When the students access the website during class, they will create a log in. Then, the program will compute their calorie intake and exercise information to see how they can better meet their daily goals. They will be able to look at their eating and exercise habits over a period of time to see how they compare to the recommendations based on their age and gender. They will not be graded on their diet or activity, but how they use the website and their understanding of the topics.

If you are interested in completing this unit with us, you may follow the instructions that Mrs. Larochelle is providing each student. More instructions will follow when your child attends health and physical education class.


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