Veteran’s Day & Special Newscast

Brooke's beautiful drawing thanking a veteran.
Brooke’s beautiful drawing thanking a veteran.

On November 11, there is no school in observance of Veteran’s Day. It is on this day that we honor the people who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Many of our teachers are teaching lessons about the holiday; teaching students that it is not just a day off from school!  Our students in Mr. Cullen’s eighth grade social studies class completed a short unit of study about the true meaning of Veteran’s Day.  First they completed an on-demand writing activity about the word honor. This was followed by a lively discussion about who veteran’s are. Many students were under the impression that they were only older men who served years ago. They learned  that veterans are also people in their mid 20’s/early 30’s who have already served our country. They discussed that in the near future, some of them may become veterans themselves.

Students also watched moving videos downloaded from The American Veteran website and read various articles. One video was about veterans who have received the Purple Heart and the second video showed volunteers who go to Arlington National Cemetery every year to lay wreaths at the tombstones of fallen soldiers. The articles included: the origins of Veteran’s Day – “To Honor Veterans Of All Wars”, “What is the difference between Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day”, the origin of the VA motto – “President Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address”, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – “A Soldier Known But To God”. These articles provided students with a comprehensive view of Veteran’s Day.

photo (45)The culminating activity involved students writing letters, making cards, and drawing pictures for veterans thanking them for their military service. Mr. Cullen will be  mailing them to the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs to be distributed to veterans throughout the nation. One student, John wrote “I am so grateful to to live in a country where someone as courageous as you served our country.” Amanda wrote “Your ability to put others first is not just admirable, but honorable to say the least.” Another letter written by Savannah talked about how veterans have one of the most important jobs in the world. Another student, Joey, ended his letter by saying “….I salute you, my friend.”
Our news crew also created a special edition in honor of Veteran’s Day. Take a look!

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