Report Card Day!

cartoonFirst quarter report cards go home today. Please take a moment to review it with your child. If your child did well and is pleased with their progress, celebrate  their success. It is also important to encourage your child to continue to work hard and continue doing what they are doing!

If your child is disappointed, brainstorm ideas that could help him/her find success. For example, many teachers recommend coming into school early to receive extra help. Maybe your child needs to spend more time preparing for tests. Parent conferences are right around the corner, (November 24 and November 25) if you need more ideas.

This year, we are teaching our students to develop a Growth Mindset. We want our students to embrace struggle. Learning is not easy. We continue to teach students to persevere in order to achieve their personal  best.  This may not mean earning all A’s, but rather working hard to improve.

We will celebrate our students’ successes in the next few weeks. More information to come!

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