¡Feliz Día de los Muertos!

The Day of the Dead is a cultural tradition celebrating life.  It is a time when families remember and honor a loved one who has died. On November 1st and 2nd, cemeteries come alive with family gatherings, a big picnic, prayers, and children laughing and playing, The gravestones are cleaned and decorated with flowers and in the evening candles light the way for all.  Those who celebrate the Day of the Dead believe that the spirit of the dead loved one returns to visit them on November 1st and 2nd.


At home, families construct an altar known as an ofrenda to honor their dead loved one(s). Ofrendas usually have a picture of the person being remembered, flowers, fruits, candles, incense, and most importantly something the loved one enjoyed in life.  For example if the family member being honored were a musician in life the offering would include musical instruments, his/her favorite meal, and of course a beverage to quench the thirst of the traveling spirit.

Papel Picado

Our extraordinary World Language Team worked together to create a unique experience for our students.  Please take a look at our own Day of the Dead Celebration. ¡Feliz Día de los Muertos! Happy Day of the Dead!



Las Caretas






Friday, October 31

Friday, October 31 is a half day for students. Students will be dismissed at 11:05.

orange and black day


It is also a spirit day, sponsored by our Student Council. Students and staff should wear black and orange. Students may pay $1 to wear a black and/or orange hat. Proceeds will be donated to Susan G. Koeman for the Cure.  Although it is Halloween, we ask that students DO NOT wear Halloween costumes, wigs or face makeup.



IMG_7134Did you know that 70% of Americans feel helpless to act during a cardiac emergency because they do not know how to administer CPR? Also, 88% or 4 out of 5 cardiac arrests occur at home. Therefore, the life you save with CPR is mostly likely to be someone you love (American Heart Association).

IMG_7133Mrs. Larochelle’s 8th grade health class is learning CPR. Last year, students learned about the major body systems including the respitory and circulatory systems. This year, students started off learning about basic emergency protocols such as recognizing an emergency and calling 911. Then, they moved on to  assessing a victim’s ABC’s (airway, breathing, circulation).  Students are now learning how to administer cycles of chest compressions and breathing.

Our students will not earn a certification card. However, they will gain a complete understanding of when and how to administer CPR. Ask your 8th grader about it!


STEM Donations


Last week the NMS STEM Committee met to discuss how we are going to integrate more STEM opportunities into our classrooms. We brainstormed many ideas, but we need your help to pull it off! In efforts to create opportunities for students to complete a series of problem solving, critical thinking and engineering tasks, we are collecting donations for the following materials:

magnify glass

  •  Popsicle Sticks
  • Small Plastic Lids
  • Plastic Containers
  • Shoe boxes
  • Toothpicks
  • Coffee Filters
  • Yarn
  • Spools
  • Straws
  • Rubber Bands
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Q-Tips
  • Cotton Balls
  • String
  • Metal Washers
  • Film Canisters

Donation boxes are located in our lobby. Thank you in advance!

Math Games

math games

Students in Mr. Slavik’s fifth grade math class just completed an at home project. Students were tasked with designing a math game. Each game had to include a name, purpose, instructions, and more! Students tried out their games at home with their family members first, and then were able to play them Friday at school with their classmates. Our fifth graders put a lot of thought and creativity into the project. The games were awesome and fun to play!  Below is a sampling of the games.



NMS News First Edition

The NMS News is off and running this year! Every week or two,  Mr. Wrobel, our Guybrarian and Mr. Worth, our Technology Specialist work with a group of students to write and produce a newscast for our school.  The news features events happening in and around our school and community. Our news crew is doing a fantastic job! Check it out for yourself by clicking on the link below.


 NMS News Episode 1


Reader’s Workshop Professional Development

photo (43)

Mrs. Mulligan working with a small group of students in sixth grade.

On Tuesday, our fifth and sixth grade teachers took part in meaningful, job-embedded professional development. Our district has been working with Tammy Mulligan from Teachers for Teachers for the last three years to improve our literacy program.  Your child may have come home  reporting that Mrs. Mulligan taught their reading class while many teachers watched. This is indeed true! Mrs. Mulligan taught several model lessons in reading classes. Teachers also worked with Mrs. Mulligan to analyze student learning goals and instructional practices.

gleamandglowIn one lesson, Mrs. Mulligan used the picture book, Gleam and Glow  by Eve Bunting  to model how to use evidence from the text to write a response.   For example, students may write: I am thinking_______.  One reason I think that is because in the text it says ____________.  Students worked hard and were able to explain their thinking using evidence.

photo (44)

Mrs. Mulligan teaching fifth graders in Mrs. Carbone’s reading class.

In another classroom, students finished reading the last chapter of Stone Fox.  This is a powerful book with an emotional ending. The room was silent as the last page was read.  Then, students grappled with characterization and how the main characters in the book changed over the course of the story. Students were given the opportunity to “talk out their responses”, with one great idea leading to another.

We will continue to work with Mrs. Mulligan to improve upon the Reader’s Workshop Model.