Opening Day Recap!

first day of schoolWe are off and running here at NMS! Our students had a fun and productive first two days of school. It is important to note that the first few days of middle school are organizational in nature. Students will learn and practice organizational structures and routines that will be integral in their academic success.  Students have reviewed their new schedules, organized their binders and continue to become familiar with their new teachers! All students were given a new planner. They should use this daily to record their homework. This afternoon, we had our first fire drill of the year. All students did a great job exiting the building quickly and safely. We will continue to have safety drills throughout the year. Students in grades 6-8 had their first band and chorus meeting today. Our fifth graders will begin band/chorus next Tuesday.

A few notes to our fifth grade parents:

  • Teachers will continue to walk students to lunch and specials for the next week or so. This will ensure that students are comfortable navigating the building before they do it on their own!
  • Lunch! The lunch line moves very slowly for the first few weeks, which results in students having less time to eat their lunch. At NMS we have more choices for students and they serve themselves. Right now students are taking their salad, one piece of lettuce at a time! This will improve! However, there is still plenty of time to eat.

Reminders for all parents:

  • Please complete the paperwork that came home in the opening day packet and return it to school on Tuesday. Our School Nurse, Mrs. Shea, needs the emergency cards as soon as possible in the event that she needs to call home. We also use the cards to update our database in Aspen. Please correct any phone numbers, as we use them for ConnectEd!  
  • No School Friday, August 29 or Monday, September 1.

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