Opening Day Recap!

first day of schoolWe are off and running here at NMS! Our students had a fun and productive first two days of school. It is important to note that the first few days of middle school are organizational in nature. Students will learn and practice organizational structures and routines that will be integral in their academic success.  Students have reviewed their new schedules, organized their binders and continue to become familiar with their new teachers! All students were given a new planner. They should use this daily to record their homework. This afternoon, we had our first fire drill of the year. All students did a great job exiting the building quickly and safely. We will continue to have safety drills throughout the year. Students in grades 6-8 had their first band and chorus meeting today. Our fifth graders will begin band/chorus next Tuesday.

A few notes to our fifth grade parents:

  • Teachers will continue to walk students to lunch and specials for the next week or so. This will ensure that students are comfortable navigating the building before they do it on their own!
  • Lunch! The lunch line moves very slowly for the first few weeks, which results in students having less time to eat their lunch. At NMS we have more choices for students and they serve themselves. Right now students are taking their salad, one piece of lettuce at a time! This will improve! However, there is still plenty of time to eat.

Reminders for all parents:

  • Please complete the paperwork that came home in the opening day packet and return it to school on Tuesday. Our School Nurse, Mrs. Shea, needs the emergency cards as soon as possible in the event that she needs to call home. We also use the cards to update our database in Aspen. Please correct any phone numbers, as we use them for ConnectEd!  
  • No School Friday, August 29 or Monday, September 1.

Last Minute Details!

school-busTomorrow is the big day! Opening day! Here are a few reminders:

1. Student should arrive to school at 8:00, or a few minutes before. We do serve breakfast in the cafeteria from 7:30 -8:00. The cost of breakfast is $1.25. If your child rides a bus, you can call Dee Bus Service at 978-597- 2860 to find out what time the bus will arrive at their stop. Students who ride the bus do not arrive in time to eat breakfast.

2.  The price for lunch this year is $2.80 for a full lunch and .60 for a milk. Other snacks are available and prices range from .50 to 1.50. We will provide you with more info on lunch on another post! So, stay tuned!

3. We begin dismissal at 2:30. We dismiss car riders and bus students first. Students should listen carefully when we dismiss buses, but we will make sure nobody misses their bus! Walkers are dismissed last, once all the cars and buses have cleared the area. If you pick your child up from school, please drive to the school via Chace Avenue and exit the school via Tucker. This helps to minimize traffic competing with the buses. The car line down Chace Avenue moves very quickly once the students exit the building. It looks worse than it is!  During the first two weeks of school, please expect your child to arrive home a little later than usual, as the dismissal process will be slower than usual.

Get a good night’s sleep! See you in the morning!

Beat the First Day of School Jitters!

jittersThe first day of school can bring forth many emotions, whether it be excitement, dread, or something in between! It is natural for students to be nervous as they anticipate a new school year. In fact, even teachers become nervous for the first day! Middle school students may ask themselves questions like: Who will be in my classes? What will my teachers be like? Will people like me? Below are a few tips on how to settle those first day of school jitters!

Be Prepared

  • It’s not the Boy Scout motto for nothing! After a lazy summer without the use of an clockalarm clock, you may want to have your child practice getting up earlier in the morning a few days before the first day school. This way, the first day won’t be such a shock to the system!
  • Have your child pack their school bag with all the necessary school supplies.
  • Ask your child what they’d like to do for lunch the first day. Whether you are buying or bringing can be a big decision for middle schoolers. Plus, they will probably need to consult with their friends!
  • When you look good, you feel good! This statement is very true with our adolescents! Instill confidence in your child by helping him/her pick out a special outfit for the first
  • Prior to the first day, encourage your child to reach out to some friends. Perhaps they’ll decide who they will sit with on the bus or in the cafeteria ahead of time. This will alleviate lots of anxiety!

The First Day of School

  • Everybody should get up early to prevent the hectic morning rush.
  • Encourage your child to eat a good breakfast. Eighth graders don’t eat lunch until almost 12:30!
  • If your child is nervous, help them to focus on what they are looking forward to- seeing their best friend, gym class, band, etc.
  • If you have a fifth grader, remind them that they are all in the same boat! Nobody knows what to expect!

The entire staff at NMS is here to help make the first day of school a great day for all students! We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!


We are ready! Are you?


Mr. Worth, or Mr. Technology, getting all the computers up and running!


Mrs. Greelis and Mrs. Davolio working on the leveled library.


Mrs. Anderson getting a little help from her daughter, Harper.

Our +Steps team: Mr. Austin, Ms. Bates, and Ms. Prevost.

Our +Steps team: Mr. Austin, Ms. Bates, and Ms. Prevost coordinating schedules.

Help Needed!

blood drive A former NMRSD student, Joe Recco is currently in the hospital battling Leukemia. The Recco family is very special to us at NMS. Mr. Mike Recco, Joe’s dad, is a substitute teacher here at NMS. Ask your child about Mr. Recco, and I’m sure they will have wonderful things to say! Joe is a strong young man, but needs our help. A blood drive has been organized and will be held this Saturday, August 23 at North Middlesex High School from 9:00-2:30. Please click on the attachment below for more information. Also, a special fund will be set up at the North Middlesex Savings Bank to support the Recco family during this difficult time.

Joe Recco

Recognize any of these faces?

Ms. Daniels setting up her new room in the seventh grade.

Ms. Daniels setting up her new room in the seventh grade.

Our custodial team has worked hard all summer to make our school shine! Thank you!

Our custodial team has worked hard all summer to make our school shine! Thank you!

Mrs. Reimer and Ms. Berry working in the reading room.

Mrs. Reimer and Ms. Berry working in the reading room.

Mrs. Worth and Mrs. Carbone setting up in fifth grade.

Mrs. Worth and Mrs. Carbone setting up in fifth grade.

School Supplies

school suppliesOnly one week left to purchase your school supplies! Get those “Back to School Sales” before they end! If you purchased a School Kit through our PTSG, you are all set. They will be delivered to your child’s homeroom for the first day of school. Nice and easy for everybody! If you still need to shop,  print out the appropriate list from the links below. Happy Shopping!

Grade 5 Supply List

Grade 6 Supply List:

Grade 7 Supply List

Grade 8 Supply List